Learn how to prevent a hunched back

The dos and the dont's of leaning over and how to do it with elegance (incls how to squat with ease)

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What people are saying:

"I love the course! It has helped me so much! I didn’t realize that I wasn’t flexible, but after doing the exercises multiple times, I suddenly just started bending over properly. I feel much better."


"I’ve tried this {skill} for the last few days and it worked wonders on my lower back issues!"


"I like your style of teaching and the way you show the wrong/right posture."


" …if anyone wants to improve their health, appearance, and presence, this is the place."

About this course

No one wants to end up with a hunched back.

But do you know how to prevent it?

A hunched back doesn't show up in our lives from one day to the next.

It is many years in the making.

It comes, mainly from rounding the spine everytime we lean over to do things like washing the hands.

In order to prevent a hunched back we need to learn how to bend over in a way that will help us keep a long spine as we go about life.

Learning these skills not only will help you prevent many back issues but also look good and elegant.

And this is what this course will teach you with the theory and the right exercises.

In this course you will:

- See what people do wrong when they lean over

- Learn how to lean over correctly and with elegance

- Have an exercise to create more range of mobility and flexibility in the hips joints

- Learn to create the habit to lean over correctly and with elegance

- Learn how to squat with ease

Who's this course for:

- Adults and young adults that want to learn how to prevent back issues including a hunched back and with an interest in moving through life with elegance.

- Wellness and health coaches and therapists including movement teachers (to teach their clients).

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Your Instructor

Maria de Sousa
Maria de Sousa